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•  International Trade
We advise our clients on laws regulating imports into Nigeria, represent their interests among local businessmen and mediate or litigate on trade disputes.
•  Debt Recovery
We advise and litigate on both local and international banking and commercial debt recovery matters.
•  Litigation
We represent our clients before superior courts of record from the State/Federal High Courts to the Supreme Court in complex commercial, corporate, employment and inheritance disputes.
•  Intellectual Property
We advise our clients on patents, trade marks and copyright issues and we also litigate where our clients’ propriety interests are infringed upon.
•  Private Equity
We advise our clients on private investments both locally and overseas.
•  Probate
We conduct searches, obtain letters of administration and advise/litigate on probate disputes. We also prepare wills and trust documents for our interested clients.
•  Information Technology
We are experts in cyber laws, internet related issues, data protection, software licensing and open source.
•  Pro bono
We offer pro bono legal services in causes we believe to be in the interest of social justice. Some of our clients include One Laptop Per Child association Inc., Project Lead, Creative Commons Nigeria, Ohada Club of Nigeria and Director, Internetbar. Org (USA).
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