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Why Comoros Islands is a Haven for Investors

Many smart high net worth individuals (HNIs) are turning to the Comoros citizenship program as to protect their assets as the tiny African country provides a high degree of privacy. Comoros islands are the most open country among the Indian ocean countries in terms of foreign direct investment from Gulf Arabic countries. Comoros is a member of Arab League and thanks to its closest relations with Arab countries, it constitutes a formidable window to other countries as well as individuals who want to attract Gulf Arabic investments.

Comoros has in place a privacy agreement which ensures that an applicant’s home country will never be notified that he has obtained a citizenship of the Comoros Islands. There is also no requirement an applicant to renounce their home citizenship nor is it mandatory to reside in the Comoros. Once you have obtained your citizenship of the Comoros you will not be under any tax obligations from the country. It is also one of the few second citizenship programs where you are not required to make an investment until your application has been approved.

“The Comoros citizenship program is the cheapest citizenship by investment program available. It is also one of the fastest when it comes to processing applications for second citizenship. One of the greatest benefits is that once granted to you, your citizenship can never be revoked no matter what happens in the country. Changes to the government or its executives will not have any grounds in law to revoke your citizenship,” the official website of Comoros citizenship program said.

The 4th Indian Ocean islands economic forum was held in Comoros (Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, La reunion). The Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Comoros led the last edition of the Indian Ocean islands economic forum in Comoros. The main goal was to meet up Indian Ocean business partners.

Indian Ocean islands economic forum is an annual business and economic event which invites entrepreneurs from the Indian Ocean and public actors to meet up each other in order to accelerate development through the Indian Ocean.

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